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Who we are!

THERMOCRETE, the UK’s largest chimney lining specialist are looking for select installers in areas throughout the UK to join in the success of our highly skilled network of `CHIMNEY CHAPS` (Installers).

A bit of history…

Northern Chimney Lining Systems Ltd, is the name of the company operating under the registered name of “THERMOCRETE CHIMNEY LINING SYSTEMS.”

Allan Barnes formed the company in Bradford, West Yorkshire in July 1977, and since its formation, Northern Chimney Linings has grown from a small one man business into a prosperous, thriving network. The main reason for the rapid expansion is due to our professional team of Approved Installers.

The success of our unique process in the U.K has lead to many enquiries from abroad including the U.S.A. Allan spent two years in North America and realised there proved to be a massive demand for an effective chimney lining system. He researched techniques and came back to the U.K.with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the business opportunity.

The first installer came on board in January 1979 and proved to be a very Lucrative exercise for both Thermocrete and the new installer. Allan had by now patented THERMOCRETE B2 material and began to produce the mix for the sole use of the approved THERMOCRETE INSTALLERS.

Thermocrete today…

Thermocrete are today a trusted supplier & installer of chimney lining systems that will stand the test of time and we operate throughout the UK. Thermocrete has gone from strength to strength each year and today we have a large network of successful, approved thermocrete installers across the UK. We have thousands of satisfied customers. We are very proud to receive such excellent feedback from our customers, we make it our mission to always leave a customer satisfied.

Our THERMOCRETE chimney-lining systems are quick, clean and simple to install. All our materials are patented and tested to BS 1902, every installation is fully guaranteed.

We provide a full business package, which includes specialised plant and a comprehensive training program, covering marketing, estimating and practical installation procedures.You can expect a high return from only a modest investment.


Benefits Of Being an Thermocreate Installer

We only require one installer in each area so if you feel that you would like more information about the `CHIMNEY CHAPS` click here to contact us and speak to Allan or Matthew