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Installation 1

Customer experienced smoke leaking into the loft and a poor draw, a Thermocrete lining was installed and cured both problems.

Installation 2

A chimney sweep discovered the flue liner which had only been fitted 2 years before had failed, customer contacted us, the old flue liner was removed and relined with Thermocrete to cure a long standing issue with smoke leaking into the bedroom.

Installation 3

The customer wanted an old chimney breast which had been bricked up and not used for years, reopening, and a brand new stove installing. Due to the poor condition of the chimney a Thermocrete lining was installed too. The stove was fitted and commissioned and signed off through OFTEC.

Installation 4

Job at grade 1 listed hardcastle hall – 8 flues in total to line to bring back into use after decades of being unused. included installing various new stoves and appliances, and signing off and commissioning on completion.

Installation 5

Customer had experienced smoking back and a smell of smoke in the bedroom for years, the chimney sweep informed them the midfeathers were leaking too. Thermocrete lining was installed into a shared stack. The neighbouring property didn’t want their chimney disturbing so great care was taken during the installation and rehaunching of chimney pot afterwards.